Every successful organisation does two things well – focus on the core business and trust competent people to deliver results. ICT plays a role in the delivery of that success, but managing ICT may not be your core business.  BlueNet Solutions Limited understands the importance of infrastructure in helping African customers meet their objectives. Our skills have evolved as environments have become more complex, and our customers trust us to keep their ICT running efficiently and to make their business more effective.


BlueNet offers proven managed services ranging from simple monitoring to remote management and problem rectification services.  Our approach provides a range of pre-defined service level agreements to provide agreed services for a determined period (monthly, semi-annual and annual) service fee.


Our approach provides the transparency needed to improve efficiency, user accountability, control IT resource consumption and enable IT governance and compliance to client specific or predetermined standards.  Productivity is enhanced through rapidly cost-effective management of resources across the organisation.  BlueNet Managed Services allows your organisation to concentrate on its core business objectives, offering flexible solutions that reduce your IT overheads.


BlueNet provides the people, tools and processes that help organisations gain the maximum utilisation of their ICT infrastructure.  Our people work with our customers to ensure that business strategies are aligned with delivery requirements.  We ensure that African companies benefit from enhanced service levels and cost cutting through the efficient management of their ICT infrastructure, assisting them to prioritise their core business needs and deliver superior returns and services to their owners and customers alike.